Ficus Technologies

Ficus Technologies provide IT outstaffing services, offering access to a skilled pool of IT professionals for extended project teams. Their outstaffing solutions help businesses scale their workforce, tap into specialized expertise, and manage projects efficiently. Ficus Technologies enables clients to achieve their IT goals with flexible staffing solutions.

DataForest is the epitome of data science excellence. DATAFOREST's data science services encompass a holistic approach to data analytics and prediction. As a data science company, they ensure that your data is not just analyzed but translated into practical solutions that drive success.


Let's create a brand that actually works.

"Pretty" branding doesn't cut it anymore.

You are magical. You are unique. You can't stay hidden any longer.

For too long, branding projects have just been about looking nice for Instagram or Pinterest...there's no real heart.

But you're more than that.

A brand without your magic at the forefront is just going to fall flat. Stop focusing on pretty and focus on this:

  • the heart
  • the magic
  • the connection

Trust me, that's when the massive results happen. That's when your brand can actually scale with you and your goals.

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How do I create high-converting brands?

Through a series of sessions where I ask allllll the right questions to create an inspired, juicy, and irresistible brand.
And I give away all that good stuff for free with my Discover Your Power brand journaling challenge.
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What is Candor Creative?

Hi! My name is Abigail White and I am the CEO and Creative Genius (only sort of joking) behind Candor. I have been a graphic designer for 4 years, and I love helping people find harmony between visuals and business strategy.

I believe that life is too short to be bored and uninspired, especially in our businesses. We are business owners because we want to create a life for ourselves that feels aligned and graceful. I serve people who want their brand to match how the show up and serve their clients.

At Candor, we already know that you are magical. We just want to make sure that magic isn't hiding behind bland branding.